My new school

I recently moved school and I’m very much enjoying it. The school I used to go to is Malden Parochial. My new school is called Cuddington Croft and it’s really big. I’ve made a few friends and I’m getting used to way things work. Things are so different at my new school.


My Holidays


I’m in the middle of my school summer holidays. I’ve really been enjoying it. I have done lots of fun things like going to the park and seeing  friends and stuff like that.The thing I don’t like is I’ve been going to sleep late  which my mum does not like.


                                      Happy                 &                   Sad



Indian Food

You may have seen people eating Indian food.I know the food doesn’t look fantastic but just try it and you’ll see actually how delicious Indian food is.You might have seen multicoloured bits in the food but maybe you should just ignore them and eat it.food




I don’t really like Chess because I don’t win very often and I kind of don’t know how to play. I see my grandfather (Nanoo) and Saad playing and saying “Checkmate” and stuff like that. But I  don’t mind because I’m a nice girl.chessChessboard


My life so far

My Teachers

In school I have really nice teachers. My teacher is called Miss Bell but her real name is Carly.

My head teacher is called Mrs Pavlis but her real name is Susan.

My teachers are really nice.

My Class Room

We are going to get our class room bigger because it is too small for juniors, so if the builders don’t    finish after the half term we’ll use the school hall as our class room, the school hall is where we do our assemblies.